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The VA Alternative

The VA Alternative


There’s content to be edited and updates to be made to your website. You’ve missed two meetings and can’t remember who the contacts are to reschedule them. And your inbox count looks like the GDP of a small country.

You Need A Virtual (VA) Assistant


Virtual (VA) Assistant

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About Me

About Laurie

Me In 30 Seconds

I’m an Analytical and detail-oriented skilled person. I  possess advanced skills in planning and supporting daily operational and body functions to surpass in any Office/Administrative Assistant role.

I have an incontestable capability to supply comprehensive support for senior-level workers, as well as overseeing all daily business operations.
Proven log of accurately maintaining elaborate records, generating reports, coordinative conferences, and multitasking inside fast atmospheres. Adept at managing and streamlining body processes to cut back errors, improve accuracy and potency, and succeed structure objectives.

Customer Service

Outstanding social, client service, leadership, and structure skills; thrive inside detail-oriented, deadline-driven environments. I’m Proficient in Microsoft workplace Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook ). I can manage, arrange, and coordinate managerial calendars, travel, contacts, conference bridges, appointments, and events/luncheons.

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Customer service

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Virtual (VA) Assistant